hot [hät]
hotter, hottest [ME < OE hat, akin to Ger heiss, Goth heito, fever < IE base * kai-, heat > Lith kaistù, to become hot]
a) having a high temperature, esp. one that is higher than that of the human body
b) characterized by a relatively or abnormally high temperature; very warm
c) feeling uncomfortably overheated
2. producing a burning sensation in the mouth, throat, etc. [hot pepper]
3. full of or characterized by any very strong feeling, or by intense activity, speed, excitement, etc.; specif.,
a) impetuous; fiery; excitable [a hot temper]
b) violent; raging; angry [a hot battle, hot words]
c) full of enthusiasm; eagerly intent; ardent
d) inflamed with sexual desire; lustful
e) very controversial
f) Informal very lucky or effective [a hot streak in gambling]
a) following or pressing closely [in hot pursuit]
b) close to what is being sought: said of the seeker
5. as if heated by friction; specif.,
a) electrically charged, esp. with a current of high voltage [a hot wire]
b) highly radioactive
6. designating or of color that suggests heat, as intense red, orange, etc.
7. Informal that has not had time to lose heat, freshness, currency, etc.; specif.,
a) recently issued or announced [hot news]
b) just arrived [hot from the front]
c) clear; intense; strong [a hot scent ]
d) recent and from an inside source [a hot tip]
e) currently very popular [a hot recording ]
8. Slang
a) recently stolen
b) contraband
c) sought by the police
d) dangerous or risky for use as a hiding place
9. Slang
a) excellent, good, funny, etc.: a general term of approval
b) very skillful or successful
c) sexually attractive or exciting
10. Jazz designating or of highly emotional music or playing characterized by exciting rhythmic and tonal effects and an insistent, driving beat
11. thrown or batted hard or with great speed: said of a ball
hotter, hottest
in a hot manner; hotly
all hot and bothered or hot and bothered
Slang flustered, excited, etc.
get hot
Slang to act, perform, etc. with great spirit or enthusiasm
hot under the collar
Slang extremely angry or provoked
hot up
Slang to heat or warm up
make it hot for
Informal to make things difficult or uncomfortable for

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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